Today, 10 a.m., at Salt Lake City Library, 14 SLC firefighter recruits graduate and are sworn in

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MEDIA ALERT: Media is invited to attend the graduation today at 10 a.m. at the Salt Lake City Library where 14 SLC Firefighters will be sworn in; Chief Lieb and Mayor Biskupski will speak

LOCATION: SLC Library Auditorium

Today Salt Lake City Fire Department and Sandy Fire Department held a joint graduation ceremony for Class No. 41, whose participants have successfully completed a strenuous 15-week firefighter training course.

This year, Salt Lake City Fire Department received 500 interest applications from individuals who wanted to attend firefighter recruit school. Only 22 individuals were selected to participate. Twelve Salt Lake City recruits and eight Sandy recruits completed the training.

This Salt Lake City class was unique, in that 11 of them are paramedics. The Salt Lake City Fire Department has been needing additional paramedics to meet the demands of area first responders. As such the department recently interviewed lateral paramedic candidates (paramedics and firefighters who have been working at other departments), and invited them to attend the recruit school.

All candidates were still required to attend this recruit school to learn department techniques and to ensure they meet the requirements of the Capital City’s Fire Department.

Main points
• The class started with 14 Salt Lake City recruits and eight Sandy recruits. 
• Twelve Salt Lake City recruits (11 paramedics and one firefighter) and eight Sandy recruits. 
• The recruit class was 15 weeks long
• They received training on Firefighter I & II, HazMat Awareness & Operations, Advanced Driver Operator Pumper training and Wildland fire training 
• They will be move into the apprentice program and will have station assignments for the first seven months.  After that they will work on “swing,” or rotating shifts based on crew and station needs.

About the Salt Lake City Fire Department: The Salt Lake City Fire Department services about 94 square miles utilizing 14 full-time fire stations at strategic locations throughout the city. The department employs nearly 350 sworn firefighters who provide all the first-response, emergency services in the Capital City and who provide mutual aid to other fire departments along the Wasatch Front.