Testing Process Overview


  1. FireTEAM Written Exam by Ergometrics – Only those who have applied through the city’s employment website will be allowed entrance to the written exam. On the day of the written exam, you MUST bring picture identification and verification of your birth date. You should also bring two sharpened #2 pencils. The exam will last approximately three hours.
  2. Oral Board Assessment – Candidates who score high enough on the written exam will be referred for further consideration to participate in the Oral Board Assessment. You will be notified via email of the exact date, time and place of the Oral Board Assessment.
  3. CPAT – (Candidate Physical Ability Test) – Prior to being offered employment, candidates must pass a physical ability exam. Eligible candidates will be notified of the exam location, date and time by email.  Medical Examination – Prior to an offer of employment, candidates will be required to complete and pass a thorough medical examination, including a drug screen. The department utilizes the NFPA 1582 standards.
  4. Psychological Evaluation –Candidates selected for hire may be required to pass a Psychological Evaluation. It is important to note that the examination is not designed to measure mental health. Rather, the examination compares your profile to that of a successful firefighter in the Salt Lake City Fire Department. The Department has carefully reviewed the psychological examination and we believe this examination is a good predictor of success as a firefighter.
  5. Background Investigation – Successful candidates will be required to undergo a background investigation. The investigation may explore such areas as employment history, driving record, arrest and conviction record, personal references, and history of use of controlled substances or alcohol. Firefighters are held to a high standard when it comes to integrity and ethics.


In order to receive preference points for any of the following, individuals are requested to provide copies at the time of the Oral Board Assessment.

Paramedic– Candidates must have a Utah Paramedic Certification by the date of the Oral Board Assessment to receive preference points. Individuals may apply for reciprocity through the State Bureau of Emergency Medical Services at (801) 273‐6666 or (800) 284‐1331. It generally takes 90 days to complete the reciprocity process.

Military/Veteran– Candidates are requested to provide a copy of their DD‐214 by the date of the Oral Board Assessment to receive preference points.

Upon determination of the candidate’s total numerical score (which will include results from both the written exam and Oral Board Assessment), preference points will be added to the final score of those who have advanced.  Points are as follows:

Veteran’s Preference Points 5

Disabled Veteran’s Points 10

Paramedic Preference Points 1


  1. Ability to legally work in the US
  2. At least 18 years of age by the date of the written exam
  3. Possess a high school diploma or GED by date of the Oral Board Assessment
  4. Possess a valid driver license by the time of employment


Candidates may petition the Civil Service Commission if they believe an error was made in the administration of the testing process. If you have a concern with the written exam, Oral Board Assessment, or CPAT, you may contact the SLC Fire Department HR Consultant at (801) 799‐4109.

For information regarding the testing process – Jennifer 801-799-4109 or [email protected]

For information regarding preparation eventsDarby 801-799-4120 or [email protected]