Station No. 6


  • Station No. 6 is located at 948 W. 800 South, Salt Lake City, UT 84104
  • It is often recognized by the artwork in front of the station that features silhouettes of three firefighters which are illuminated at night.
  • Station No. 6 is served by City Council representative Andrew Johnston in District No. 2.

Services and Apparatus

  • Station No. 6 houses one of two Hazardous Materials (HazMat), first-responder teams. (The other HazMat team is located by the University of Utah at Station No. 10.)
  • Our HazMat crews respond to public safety incidents related to chemicals that may have accidentally mixed and released in the environment.
  • SLC Fire strategically places HazMat teams on either side of I-80; Station No. 6 is situated closely to businesses that handle hazardous materials, and it has easy access to the freeway in case of spills that may be caused by automobile accidents.
  • Station No. 6 also houses heavy rescue equipment and is often called for water rescues due to the station’s location near the Jordan Parkway.
  • Station No. 6 has four firefighters on each platoon, all crews have at least EMT-level training.

Energy Efficiency

  • For conservation, the station utilizes xeriscaping on its entire lot.