Station No. 1


  • Station No. 1 is located at 211 S. 500 East, Downtown Salt Lake City.
  • It services the area between 2nd Ave. and 500 South, and between Main St. and 900 East.
  • Station No. 1 provides first response to residents and businesses within City Council District No. 4, represented by Derek Kitchen.

Station History

  • The first professional firefighter force in Salt Lake City started on Oct. 1, 1883
  • Prior to 1883, firefighters were volunteers
  • According to historical accounts, just after midnight on June 21, 1883, fire broke out on the premises of H.B. Clawson’s Wagon Depot in the block immediately south of Temple Square. The fire reached 25 barrels of stored gun power, causing a huge explosion that blew firefighters off the roof of a building, next to the Wagon Depot structure. Windows were shattered for blocks, but fortunately no one was severely injured.
  • The terrible early morning fire proved a need for a full-time, professional battalion of firefighters.
  • George Ottinger was named the first paid, professional fire chief. Firefighters were paid 50 cents per hour.

Services and Apparatus

  • Station No. 1 crews offer advanced life support services, staffed with experienced paramedics.
  • Crews at Station No. 1 are particularly adept at responding to high rise fires, multi-unit dwellings, nursing homes and downtown business emergencies.
  • The East Side Battalion Chief (Battalion 1) and fire investigators operate out of Station No. 1.

Energy Efficiency

Station No. 1 utilizes rooftop solar panels to save energy. This sustainability effort helps meet the city’s goal to build efficient, environmentally friendly buildings, and it contributes to SLC Fire’s mission to positively impact our community.