SLC Fire joins UTA and other agencies for emergency drill simulating attacks

ATTENTION: News Desk / Assignment Editors

CONTACT: Remi Baron, Utah Transit Authority spokesperson, 801-859-6095, [email protected]; Amy Cornell-Titcomb, Utah Transit Authority emergency management administrator, 801-287-2203, [email protected]; or SLCFD MEDIA HOTLINE: 801-550-0121

What: The exercise named “Hell on Wheels” will be a full-scale, two-day, emergency protection and response drill simulating multiple terrorists attacks in the Salt Lake Valley.

When: Aug. 8, 2017 beginning at approximately 10 a.m. and Aug. 9, 2017 beginning at approximately 9 a.m.

Where: Day 1 of the exercise will take place at the Salt Lake Central Station and the West Valley TRAX Station. Day 2 will take place at the University of Utah Rice-Eccles Stadium tower.

Who: Emergency personnel from UTA, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Salt Lake County Emergency Management, West Valley Fire Department, Salt Lake City Fire Department, University of Utah Emergency Management, University of Utah Police Department, Amtrak, Union Pacific, Murray Victim Advocates and Utah State Medical Examiner.

The terrorist attack protection and response drill “Hell on Wheels” will simulate multiple terrorists entering the Salt Lake Valley and dividing up. Explosions will be simulated to occur on a FrontRunner train at Salt Lake Central Station, and effect a nearby Amtrak train; explosions will be simulated to occur on a TRAX train at West Valley Station; and a shooting incident will be simulated to occur at the University of Utah Rice-Eccles Stadium.

The public may notice an increased presence of law enforcement and medical personnel near all three staging sites but should not be alarmed. Normal TRAX and FrontRunner service will continue throughout the two day drill. The exercise will be marked off and access to the immediate areas of the drill will be limited to exercise players, evaluators, controllers and safety personnel.

This exercise of a complex, coordinated attack will allow multiple law enforcement agencies to practice public protection and emergency response procedures together and improve communication and coordination. Several Emergency Operation Centers will be activated by UTA, Salt Lake County and the University of Utah.
After the simulated attacks have appeared to have caused multiple fatalities and causalities, Salt Lake County Emergency Management will support a multi-agency Family Assistance Center (FAC) and UTA and Amtrak will conduct operations in support of victims’ families and passenger reunification.
Media representatives planning to cover the drill should coordinate with Remi Barron from UTA for access to the exercise sites. Exercise personnel will be available to explain the ongoing operation and to answer questions.