SLC Fire Background Check

SLC Fire Background Check

The SLC Fire background check typically occurs before the Fire Chief’s interview, which is conducted after the CPAT and prior to Recruit School. Firefighter candidates will be required to complete or supply the following information:

° A personal history questionnaire

° An additional online questionnaire

° A criminal background check (performed by the Utah Bureau of Criminal Identification – BCI and/or applicable state jurisdiction)

° Verification of valid driver’s license, birth certificate, and high school diploma/GED

° Complete driving history (performed by the Utah Department of Public Safety Driver’s License Division and/or applicable state jurisdiction)

The information supplied will be reviewed by our SLC Fire Investigators and followed-up with an in-person interview. Following the interview, the Investigators will provide their recommendations to the Fire Chief; and, based on the findings he/she has the discretion to invite a candidate for the Chief’s interview.