Salt Lake Fire Department Emblazons Department Patch on 80-ft tall Training Tower

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SALT LAKE CITY – Since 1883, Salt Lake City firefighters have watched over us. They have been first on the scene to fires, medical emergencies, auto accidents, and every other type of unexpected tragedy.

Last week, as a symbol of the department’s continued commitment as first-responders and guardians of the city, qualified licensed painter David Bueno painted a mural of Salt Lake City Fire Department’s (SLCFD) patch on the west side, at the top, of the department’s 80-ft-high training tower (located at 1600 S. Industrial Road).

The 16 ft. x 14 ft. mural features the somewhat new SLCFD patch that was redesigned, and adopted department-wide, in March 2017. Captain Channing Jones, who leads firefighters at Station 8 on A Platoon, created the graphic that was intended to present a stronger, clearer, more identifiable brand.

After much input from the department and great consideration of past patch designs, Channing took on the task of creating a patch with a more “traditional” representation of the department’s mission which is to: PREPARE effectively, RESPOND professionally, and IMPACT positively.  
“The patch design that all SLC firefighters wear on their shoulder is the most recognizable Salt Lake City Fire brand,” Chief Karl Lieb said. “It instills pride in our department, and we believe it promotes the professional image of an organization that is specifically trained to respond to Salt Lake City’s diverse service needs.”

Lieb added that the firefighters and administration have wanted to update the patch and add a mural for nearly six years. However, funds were not available and there has been difficulty in finding a talented, licensed painter who could safely add the mural to the west side of the building.

Painting took five days to complete, and it can now be viewed from as far as Magna.