Salt Lake City Fire Department to be Honored Tomorrow at an Official ISO, Class 1 Designation Ceremony

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EVENT LOCATION: Station No. 2, 270 W 300 N, Salt Lake City, UT 84103

SALT LAKE CITY – On Tuesday, Dec. 19 at 2 p.m., the Insurance Services Office (ISO), a national insurance advisory organization, will formally present Salt Lake City Fire Department with the Public Protection, Classification 1 Designation.

This makes the Salt Lake City Fire Department the first ever in the State of Utah to receive such an honor.

A Class 1 rating is the highest safety- and risk-evaluation rating possible, and it is a meaningful upgrade from SLCFD’s previous “Class 2” designation. SLCFD is one of only 270 departments nationwide to earn such a rating, putting the department among the top 1% in the nation.

“We have always known the Salt Lake City Fire Department was the best in the nation, and this classification truly makes it official,” said Mayor Jackie Biskupski. “The Fire Department’s work has always kept us safe, their advocacy has prevented fire and injury, and now these combined efforts are making it easier to live in Salt Lake City.”

ISO is an insurance advisory organization that collects data and then provides statistics and recommendations regarding an organization’s risks. The group evaluates efforts such as public fire protection, flood risk, and fire code adoption and enforcement.

ISO ratings about municipal services help communities manage and mitigate risk, plan for improvements, and make budget decisions, and they are used by insurance companies in assessing insurance rates.

“It’s hard to put into words what an immense accomplishment this really is for the department and for the community,” said Public Information Officer Audra Sorensen. “However, a Class 1 designation for Utah’s Capital City Emergency Response Front Line has the potential to have tremendous far-reaching economic and other benefits.”

The Salt Lake City Fire Department services 94 square miles, utilizing 14 full-time fire stations at strategic locations throughout the city. The department employs 340 sworn firefighters who provide all the first-response, emergency services in the Capital City and who provide mutual aid to other fire departments along the Wasatch Front.