Salt Lake City Fire Department tightens up fireworks restrictions for the 24th of July holiday

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Salt Lake City — Salt Lake City Fire Department announced today that the City is modifying its fireworks restrictions for the 24th of July holiday week.
Fireworks are legal to shoot off between July 21 and July 27. However, due to particularly hazardous, dry and hot conditions, the Salt Lake City Fire Department evaluated its previous firework restrictions and decided to alter the boundaries.

The new Salt Lake City fireworks boundaries for the Pioneer Day Holiday are as follows:
• No fireworks will be allowed east of 900 East; and
• No fireworks will be allowed west of Redwood Rd.
• North and South boundaries remain the same; no fireworks are allowed north of S. Temple St., but are allowed going south to the City border.
• This applies to all fireworks, aerials and otherwise, as the department considers them to be equally culpable in starting fire under the current conditions.

According to Salt Lake City Fire Marshal, Chief Ryan Mellor, there were as many outdoor fires between July 1 and 11, as there were in the entire month of June. Dry conditions, which increase the risk of fire, have taken hold in Salt Lake City, with the National Weather Service describing this summer as the second driest in history.

“Our responsibility is to protect the residents of Salt Lake City and reduce risk where we can,” Mellor said. “After careful consideration, we felt this was in the community’s best interest while still complying with State law.”
The Salt Lake City Fire Department (SLCFD) is encouraging residents to attend one of the public fireworks display, and to avoid lighting open fires or campfires. The weather is forecast to be in the 90s for the next two weeks which will exacerbate the risks during the holiday.

SLCFD also reminds residents and businesses that it will aggressively pursue those individuals who negligently cause a fire or who are out of compliance with the new fireworks restrictions.
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For the media: Chief Mellor will be available for interviews at 3 p.m. today at the Salt Lake City Fire Department Training Center located at 1560 Industrial Rd. (1900 West).