Icy road conditions contribute to a dangerous Wednesday night commute

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LOCATION: 900 S. and I-15 Southbound Freeway

Salt Lake City Fire Department crews responded to several automobile accidents along the I-15 Southbound freeway between downtown Salt Lake City and 1300 S.

Among the accidents was a truck that slid off the road into a retention pond near I-15 and Warm Springs Road.

Firefighters trained in swift water rescue techniques, from Fire Station No. 7, rescued two adult males. In addition, a SLCFD medical team, who also specialize in Hazard Materials, from Fire Station No. 7 attended to the victims. Those rescued had minor injuries and were not transported to the hospital.

“Road conditions in the winter time are unpredictable.” said Audra Sorensen, Salt Lake City Fire Department public information officer. “They are especially unpredictable during drastic temperature shifts at night. We ask drivers to check the weather and road conditions, and use extreme caution whenever possible.”

CAUSE: Icy Road Conditions

FIREFIGHTERS RESPONDED: Two stations, eight firefighters (i.e., paramedics and swift-water rescue trained firefighters

RESPONSE TIME: 15 minutes