How to Order a Knox Box in Salt Lake City

A firefighter opening a Knox Box to gain access to a commercial business

How to Order a Knox Box in Salt Lake City

Ordering Online

To initiate your purchase, click the red ‘BUY’ button and follow the prompts. Depending on the applicable public safety agency’s purchasing process, the potential ordering options may include the following:

  • Purchase products directly from the website on your initial visit.
  • Purchase products directly from our Knox Trusted Partners.
  • You may be requested to return to the site to complete the transaction once the approving public safety agency has reviewed your product selection.
  • You may be asked to obtain and submit a Knox Authorization Order Form directly to the approving public safety agency.

If you need help with ordering, please contact our customer service team at 800-552-5669 or [email protected].  

Follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Click on the red BUY button

Step 2: Select the state and type in the applicable public safety agency serving the installation address.

Step 3: Choose the correct public safety agency to begin the purchasing process.

Step 4: Select product(s), input installation address, acknowledge alerts, and then add item(s) to cart.

Step 5: Complete the checkout process. 

Note: Some public safety agencies require pre-authorization of your orders prior to the sale.

For a complete guide on how to buy Knox products, click on the button below.

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