How to Apply for a Permit

How to Apply for a Permit

Salt Lake City Fire Requires a Permit for the Following Activities:

  • Amusement Building Operations
  • Blasting
  • Emergency Radio Repeater (BDA/DAS) Operation
  • Firework Retail Sales or Display
  • Flame Effects Before an Audience
  • Flammable Liquid Storage Tank Installation / Removal
  • Food Truck Operation
  • Hazardous Material Dispense / Use
  • High Rise Building Occupancy
  • Hotworks
  • Places of Assembly
  • State Licensed Childcare Facility
  • Tents or Canopies at Public Events
  • Firewatch – Report Monitoring for Down an Occupancy

Salt Lake City assesses a fee for all inspections related to the permitting process. A full listing of fees can be found here.

Don’t hesitate to contact Fire Department staff if you experience any problems:  801-799-4103 or email [email protected]