Hazardous Materials

A hazardous materials facility with warning labels

Hazardous Materials

In order to better serve the needs of the community and to comply with State and Federal Law, the Salt Lake City Fire Department has initiated a program for the issuance and maintenance of Annual Hazardous Materials Permits. Our aim is to bring our community to full compliance with all aspects of 2021 International Fire Code. This will be accomplished through a vigorous inspection program and permit application packet. We ask for your assistance as business owners in completing this important work.

As business dealing with hazardous materials, you are faced with a number of reporting and regulatory requirements. It is our intent to deal specifically with those requirements that are distinct hazards to life and property and of direct value to our firefighters in responding to your emergencies.
We feel that the expense involved with gaining compliance to the International Fire Code is important and will provide you with the information necessary so that you may make long-range business decisions to remain in compliance with these laws.

To apply for a permit, please fill out our online application. The information you furnish will be forwarded to the inspectors responsible for your property and the HazMat Response Team. This will save a great deal of time during the actual on-site inspection at a later date. Payment for the permit fee is due at the time of application, then on an annual basis after that. Fees are collected for permit renewals by January 1st and inspections are completed throughout the year.
We will provide you with a Hazardous Materials Permit Application packet that will help identify what information is required and will help you determine if you need to fill out a SARA Tier II Hazardous Chemical Inventory form required by the Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act of 1986 (EPCRA) section 312.

If at the time of inspection you are found to be in compliance, your Hazardous Materials Permit will be issued, signed and dated. If your business is in noncompliance with the 2021 International Fire Code we will identify the steps you must take to gain compliance. Questions relating to the Hazardous Materials Permit Program should be referred to our office at 801-799-4103.