Halloween Safety

Planning ahead can help make this Halloween a fire-safe holiday.

The Salt Lake City Fire Department suggests taking simple fire safety precautions, like making sure fabrics for costumes and decorative materials are flame-resistant.

During the five-year-period of 2006-2010, the National Fire Protection Association estimates that decorations were the item first ignited in an estimated average of 1,000 reported home structure fires per year. These fires caused an estimated average of six deaths and 53 injuries, as well as$16 million in direct property damage per year.

The following 11 tips can also help make your Halloween safe:

  • When choosing a costume, stay away from billowing or long trailing fabric
  • If you are making your own costume, choose material that won’t easily ignite if it comes into contact with heat or flame
  • If your child is wearing a mask, make sure the eye holes are large enough so they can see
  • Provide children with flashlights to carry for lighting or glow sticks as part of their costume
  • It is safest to use a flashlight or battery-operated candles in a jack-o-lantern
  • If you use a real candle in a jack-o-lantern, use extreme caution
  • Make sure children are watched at all times when candles are lit
  • When lighting candles inside jack-o-lanterns, use long fireplace-style matches or a utility lighter
  • Be sure to place lit pumpkins well away from anything that can burn and far enough out of way of trick-or-treaters, doorsteps, walkways and yards
  • Remember to keep exits clear of decorations, so nothing blocks escape routes
  • Tell children to stay away from open flames and be sure they know how to stop, drop and roll if their clothing catches fire