Flammable Liquid Storage Tank

An aviation fuel tank farm

Flammable Liquid Storage Tank

In order to obtain an application for Flammable Liquid Storage Tanks please submit an online application to set up a date and time to have the tank installed or pulled.

Removals must have closure plans with an application and Installs must have plans submitted with tank and piping specifications.

Tank installation permit fees are based on the size and type of the tank, please refer to the fees page for a breakdown of these charges.
This permit is not transferable and is good only for the location specified, it must be available for inspection at any time by authorized persons, and may be revoked for cause as provided by city ordinance or by violation of safety regulations, as set by the Fire Marshal, provided no changes or modifications or additions are made. ****This for does not duplicate Utah State Marshal rule R710-6* Liquefied Petroleum Gas Rules.* it is intended for site plan review only.