Flame Effects Before an Audience

Flame Effects Before an Audience

Flame Affects before an Audience held within Salt Lake City limits require a Flame Affects before an Audience Permit issued by the Salt Lake City Fire Department, Fire Prevention Bureau and adherence to our current Flame Affect policy. This policy reflects the same standard set forth in NFPA 160.

This policy shall apply to the following:

1. Use of indoor and outdoor flame effects before an audience.

2. Design, fabrication, installation, testing, control, operation, and maintenance of equipment, materials, procedures, and systems used to produce flame effects.

3. Rehearsal, videotaping, audio taping, or filming of any television, radio, or movie production if such production is before an audience and includes the use of flame effects.
Rehearsal of any production incorporating flame effects before an audience.

An application will consist of the following:

1. Complete an application form

2. Insurance: A certificate of insurance listing a minimum of one million dollars ($1,000,000) of liability coverage for personal injury, for each occurrence, and the aggregate amount. Salt Lake City Corporation must be named as an additional insured. The insurance documentation must be received as a copy of the original with an original signature of an authorized issuer, or a FAX (facsimile) of the original certificate.

3. Flame Effect Plan: A plan for the use of flame effects shall be approved by the Salt Lake City Fire Prevention Bureau. After a plan has been approved, the plan shall be maintained to be readily available at the site for inspection The plan for the use of flame effects shall be submitted in writing or other form acceptable to the authority having jurisdiction. The plan shall include the following:

a. The name of the person, group, or organization responsible for the production
b. The dates and times of the production
c. The location of the product
d. The flame effect classification
e. A site plan showing the following:

i. A narrative description of the flame effect
ii. The location of flame effect devices to be fired and their controls and control sequence
iii. The area affected by the flame effect device
iv. The location of the audience
v. The fuels used and their estimated consumption
vi. Air for combustion and ventilation for indoor effects
vii. Flammable materials piping
viii. Storage and holding areas and their capacities
ix. Supplemental fire protection features (extinguishers, protective gear, etc.)
x. Emergency response procedures
xii. .Means of egress

The plan shall also include a diagram of the kind, placement, size, and range of the devices. Include location of the discharge site and the relative distances of the fallout areas, spectator areas, parking areas, highways/roads, buildings, trees and any other pertinent information. Include information regarding any road closures and a list of items to be shot.

4. A current material safety data sheet (MSDS) for the materials (fuels) consumed in the flame effect & documentation that the combustible materials used for construction of the flame effects have been rendered flame retardant

5. Payment: Payment to Salt Lake City Corporation in the amount of (see fee schedule) due at the time the application is filed. Late applications will be charged a double permit fee (see fee schedule), if not received within 14 days of the display, the application will be denied.

6. Delivery: Send or deliver completed application and required material to: Salt Lake City Fire Prevention Bureau, 475 South 300 East, Salt Lake City, Utah, 84111. Permit will be available for the signature of a responsible party 10 working days after receipt of application. Permit must be signed before display date.

Operator Qualifications

The name of the effect operator Operating instructions shall be available to the Salt Lake City Fire Prevention Bureau when flame effects are in use. The operator of any flame effect shall understand and be familiar with the operating manual or instructions. The operator shall demonstrate competency by experience and training or by holding a license acceptable to the authority having jurisdiction.

Minimum Age

All flame effect operators shall be at least 21 years of age.

Operator Responsibilities

The flame effect operator shall be responsible for storage, setup, operations, and teardown of all flame effect materials, devices, equipment, systems, and supervision of assistants.

Substance Abuse and Safety

No person shall use or handle flame effect materials or devices under the influence of the following:

1. Intoxicating beverages
2. Narcotics or controlled substances
3. Prescription drugs or nonprescription drugs that can impair judgment

Flame Effect Demonstration

When required, a walk-through and a representative demonstration of the flame effects shall be provided to the authority having jurisdiction before flame effects are approved. The demonstration shall be scheduled with sufficient time to allow resetting of the flame effects prior to the arrival of the audience.