Fire Department Business License Inspection

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Fire Department Business License Inspection

Thank you for choosing Salt Lake City as a place to do business.

All commercial business license applications are required to have city inspections passed prior to a license being issued. These inspections will be assigned at time of application. Please review the following inspection instructions closely.

The following inspection departments will contact you within ten (10) working days. If you have not been contacted after 10 days, please call the inspection department directly to schedule your inspection.

1. Building Department (801) 535-7224

2. Fire Department* (801) 799-4103

*IMPORTANT: A Fire Pre-Inspection Worksheet will be provided at time of application. You must have this worksheet completed and available for your Fire Inspector at time of inspection. The Fire Department Pre-Inspection check list can also be downloaded here.

3. Zoning Department (801) 535-7700 No contact required. Call for questions only.

4. Health Department Non-Food Related (385) 468-3835

Bureau of Food Protection (385) 468-3845

Department of Agriculture (801) 538-7144

Contact the Health Department to arrange for your health inspection anytime after making your application.

Freight Parking Permit: Vehicle inspections for Freight Parking permits are conducted at the Compliance Division. Call (801) 535-6584 to schedule an appointment.

Transportation Businesses: In addition to your business license, you must also be registered with the Department of Ground Transportation (801) 908-7204.

You can check inspection progress at: www.slcgov.com (In the lower left corner under “My Quick Links” you will see a link for the “Citizen Access Portal”). On the portal select “Check/Renew Licenses”. Input your entire application number and click Search. *For questions, please call our office at (801) 535-6644.