GENERAL. Applicant agrees to undertake and execute all blasting operations in a substantial and workmanlike manner, and to furnish all materials, tools, equipment and labor necessary, solely at applicant’s expense, to properly complete the work required.

It is hereby distinctly understood and agreed that City has not executed a contract for performance of the work to be done in this project. City assumes no responsibility for terms of contract entered into between the applicant and the contractor so engaged or employed by the applicant.

TRAFFIC CONTROL. Applicant agrees to maintain traffic control as required by the Fire Marshal during demolition operations.

REPAIR OF DEFECTIVE OR DAMAGED PUBLIC WAY IMPROVEMENTS. Applicant agrees, upon written notice, to repair any damaged or defective public improvements caused as a result of the demolition work.

CODES, PERMITS. Applicant agrees to adhere to and comply with local, State and Federal laws, ordinances and regulations controlling or limiting in any way the construction or installation of the work, action of those engaged upon the work, or affecting the materials, or transportation in any way involving the work to be performed.

SITE CONDITIONS. Applicant agrees to be familiar with all conditions at the site in order to understand the problems involved in carrying out the work.

INSURANCE. Applicant agrees to obtain and maintain during the entire existence of this permit a comprehensive general liability policy of insurance with minimum coverage amounts of 1 million dollars. Said insurance shall provide for a minimum of 30-day prior written notice of cancellation to the City. On all such coverage, City shall be named as an additional insured. Applicant agrees to furnish certificates of insurance verifying such coverage.

INDEMNITY. Applicant agrees to indemnify, save harmless and defend City, its agents and employees, from all claims, mechanics claims, damages, actions cost, expense and charges, including attorney’s fees, arising out of or by reason of Applicant’s blasting operations.

NOTICE OF FIRING. At least one working day in advance of each blast, applicant agrees to notify the Fire Marshal’s office of the date and time of the firing. Applicant understands that the presence of an inspector at the site may be condition of firing. (for purposes of notification, working days are Monday through Friday, excluding holidays) Telephone 801-799-4114


A. Permit Application At least two working days prior to the proposed blasting, permit applicant shall request a permit from the Fire Marshal’s office. The application (appendix B) shall include the following:

1. Blaster name, certification, number, expiration date.
2. Company name, address, phone, after hours phone.
3. Project location.
4. Blasting plan to include:

a. Description of proposed blasting procedure desired results, quantity and type of explosives to be used.

b. Sketch of site showing measured distances to neighboring buildings, streets, and other facilities, area in which neighbors will be notified of the blasts.

5. Traffic control barricading and signing plan.
6. Date and time of blast.
7. Insurance certificate covering blasting operations, including Salt Lake City as additional insured, in the minimum amount of one million dollars ($1,000,000.00), to be determine at the time the permit is requested.

Failure to have all of the above information at the time of permit application will result in delays in processing the application, and may require postponement of the blasting date.

B. Annual or Project Permit For repeated blasts at one site for a quarry operation or a single project, an annual or project permit may be issued to cover all blasts within the permit period. All blasting covered under an annual permit must be at the same site. The permit is not transferable. The permit requires the same information listed in section 1 above. Additionally, the permit holder will do the following.

1. Notify the Fire Marshal’s office on working day in advance of each blast.
2. Keep a file of each blasting plan available for inspection.

Notify the Fire Marshal’s office of any charges of information given in the permit application.

C. Permit Fees. The following fees will be required at the time of filing for the permit. These are in addition to insurance certificate and performance bond costs (see fee schedule).

D. Appeal Procedure. If a permit application is denied by the Fire Marshal, the applicant may appeal the denial to the Mayor or the Mayor’s designated agent. Such appeals should be in writing addressed to the Mayor of Salt Lake City. Mayor, at his/her option, may hold a hearing at which evidence is presented or may review the written materials in the file, along with all other information that the applicant and/ or City may wish to subject to the Mayor for his/her consideration. The decision of the Mayor shall be final and binding.

E. Insurance Certificate. A certificate of liability insurance naming Salt Lake City Corporation as additional insured will be required for all blasting permits. (see appendix c)

F. Inspector Duties. A fire department inspector may be assigned to monitor each blasting activity. The inspector and the City assume no responsibility nor liability for personal injury or property damage as a result of the blasting procedure.

G. Unexploded Charges. The blaster is responsible for either detonating or removing any unexploded charges in the event of unexploded charges. Federal procedures must be followed. The site is to remain cordoned off until the explosive material has been removed. If the material cannot be removed immediately, the fire departments must be notified.

H. Other permits. The blasting permit does not remove the requirements for obtaining and complying with other permits. For example, if the blasting is in the public right of way, a permit to do work in the public way must also be obtained a

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