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Salt Lake City Fire does not require previous firefighting experience, EMT certification or any fire certifications prior to hire.


Salt Lake …

Adopt a Hydrant this Winter

Do you have a fire hydrant outside your home or business?

If so, consider how important that source of water may become if your residence or business was subjected to a fire.

Now ask yourself, “What if that fire hydrant could …

Babysitter Fire Safety

Babysitting is a great way for teenagers to earn extra money, but it is also an important responsibility.

The Salt Lake City Fire Department encourages all babysitters to be prepared to act if an emergency situation arises on their watch. …

Space Heaters

While only 32 percent of home heating fires involve space heaters, they cause 79 percent of home heating fire deaths, according to a report released in 2011 by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). Heating equipment continues to be the …

Fireplace Safety

If you plan on using a fireplace or wood-burning stove, the Salt Lake City Fire Department reminds you that you should have your fireplace checked and maintained every year before use.

You can do some of the needed maintenance, such …

Hands Only CPR

If you saw someone collapse, whould you know what to do to help?
Hands-only CPR is a potentially lifesaving technique involving no mouth-to-mouth contact. It is best used in emergencies when someone has seen another person suddenly collapse. The hands-only …

Proper Use of a Fire Extinguisher

Whether you are at home, work or various public places, you may have the opportunity to put out a small fire using a fire extinguisher.

The Salt Lake City Fire Department reminds everyone that the first thing you should do …