Hiring E-Tip #3: Mark your calendars, test prep is coming

Fall is quickly approaching, which means test-preparation events are upon us.

The Salt Lake City Fire (SLC Fire) Department will host a series of monthly test-preparation events beginning in October. Each test-preparation event will focus on an aspect of our hiring …

Hiring E-Tip #2: Time to get in fighting shape

Approximately one year from today, you could be taking part in the Salt Lake City Fire Department’s CPAT. Not familiar with CPAT? “The Candidate Physical Abilities Test (CPAT) was developed to allow fire departments to obtain pools of trainable …

Hiring E-Tip #1: Know the Job

Myth: In modern firefighting, 80% of calls are dedicated to putting out structure fires.

Reality: SLCFD responded to 30,103 emergency calls in 2016. Of those calls, 20% were related to fire incidents and 80% were related to medical emergencies.

Myth: Firefighters …

Are you ready?

For information regarding the testing process – Jennifer 801-799-4109 or [email protected]

 For information regarding preparation events – Darby 801-799-4120 or [email protected]


Salt Lake City Fire does not require previous firefighting experience, EMT certification or any fire certifications prior to hire.


Salt Lake …