New Fire Station 3


• The new Station No. 3 will be located at 2425 S. 900 East, west of Golf Course and northwest of Fairmont Park.
• The current No. 3 Station is located on 1085 E. Simpson Avenue (2250 So.) will close. When the new station opens, this will close; Plans for the Simplson Ave., building has not been announced.
• Station 3 will continue to service the primary areas between 1700 S and 3300 South, and 600 E. to 1700 East.

Energy Efficiency

• The station will be a Net Zero, LEED-certified, gold facility. It will use solar features, specialized insulation, natural light, and other energy-saving items.
• A Net Zero building creates as much energy as it consumes, which is key in Salt Lake City’s 100 percent renewable-energy goal which is anticipated will create long-term environmental and economic benefits.


• Station No. 3’s construction is on a “365-day build,” which means it should take exactly one year from the start date to complete. (Construction started on July 15.)

Station History

• Sugar House was annexed to Salt Lake City In March of 1910. Before then, crews from downtown Salt Lake City responded.
• Fire Station No. 3 was built in response to requests for improved response by commercial and residential property owners.
• In 1945, better equipment was needed but budget constraints delayed the construction of the Simpson Avenue station until 1974.
• The initial design concept was a high-school drafting project by the son of former Fire Chief, Leon DeKorver.
• The building’s architecture reflected a Modernist style. Coincidentally, this was the time when energy conservation became a requirement for municipal buildings.
• After 40 years, the proliferation of multi-story buildings in the business district and resulting increase in population has made the existing fire station obsolete.
• In 2014, an extensive process to select a site and design a new facility began
• After consideration, a portion of Salt Lake City’s Forest Dale Golf Course parking lot was selected for the new fire station. The property was rezoned and subdivided.
• Construction on the new Station started in July 2017, and is being built by Wadsworth Construction.

(Note: some historical details are adapted from from Lynne Olson’s article in Utah Stories)