Business License Inspection

The Fire Department wants to assist you in opening your business with a minimum of delay and unnecessary expense. New business licensing procedures require your business license be approved within thirty (30) days, with a possible thirty (30) day extension for good cause. It is important to do some “ground work” before you make application.

First: Check with the permits & zoning office to insure that your type of business is permitted in your selected area.

Second: If you are anticipating any physical changes to the building, it probably will require a permit from Permits and Zoning services. After submission of plans, a plan check will be made to see if you meet all code requirements.

***Many business licenses are delayed and denied because applicants are not aware of the various code requirements involved!!***

Third: If you are changing or expanding the use of your building, different code provisions may apply. Many of these provisions may be unique to your type of business. Check with someone at the Permits & Zoning counter for any idea of any special requirements, also review the enclosed Fire Department Pre-Screening Checklist, it will be helpful.

Fourth: Review the downloadable pre-screening checklist and direct any questions to the staff at the Permits & Zoning counter. If you have additional questions, you can contact the Fire Prevention Bureau at 801-799-4114.

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