• We’re committed to making your situation better

    Karl Lieb - Fire Chief
  • The greatest responsibility of a firefighter is to interrupt the darkest day in a person’s life and give hope.

    Karl Steadman - Assistant Chief - Operations
  • Contribute to the safety of your family and community by learning CPR. 

    It saves lives.

    Mike Fox - Medical Division Chief
  • To be welcomed into a stranger’s home, arms wide open –

    that’s community, and SLC Fire is grateful to be a part of such

    an amazing community!

    Darby Egbert - Community Outreach Coordinator
  • Creating defensible space is the best way to protect yourself from wildfiire

    Ryan Mellor - Fire Marshal
  • We take pride in our vehicles and equipment so that we are prepared to perform 24/7.

    Chris Milne - Logistics Chief
  • We train using the most innovative methods in the fire service today.

    Les Goodwin - Training Chief

How can we provide better service?

If you've received service from us, or have seen the fire department in your neighborhood, please let us know what you thought.

Listen Live

Listen to our live radio stream to hear what’s going on.  Note: Periods of long inactivity are common

Radio Jargon

Following are some common terms you may hear on our radio channel

10-39: Lights and siren response

Copy:  I hear you and understand

PAR: Are you and your crew OK?

PMA Transport:  Paramedic escorting the patient to hospital

All Clear:  A search for victims has been conducted.  No victims found

Fully Involved:  An object, (house, car, etc), is engulfed in flames

Loss Stopped:  The incident is no longer a threat to property

PAR: Personnel accountability report

Meet The Team

Chief Karl Lieb

Vision: The Salt Lake City Fire Department provides exceptional emergency services with progression and efficiency.

Salt Lake City is evolving into a true metropolitan city. From its sustainable infrastructure, to its diverse communities and neighborhoods, the capital city fire department strives to maintain a focus on providing value to the residents, business owners, and visitors who live work and play within its boundaries. Livability is the goal, and as the city grows the fire department will respond to the changing needs of the public through training, innovation, and the trust of the people we serve.

Mission: Prepare Effectively. Respond Professionally. Impact Positively

Our Firefighters are comprised of diverse groups of people with various backgrounds. Initial recruit training prepares our recruits to be technically sound and encourages them to utilize new perspectives to solve old problems. On-going fire and specialty training enables our workforce to have the specialized skills necessary to address various emergency situations. Our brand is well known and has a distinct identity throughout the intermountain west. The Salt Lake City Fire Department is committed to a response model that provides the most practical, yet appropriate, resources for emergency response. With more than 80% of our call volume attributed to medical services, we are committed to identifying and implementing best practice models for pre-hospital care while maintaining our ability to safely mitigate fire incidents. We strive to arrive in a timely manner, demonstrate our work ethic, and instill confidence in those that need us. The goal of the Salt Lake City Fire Department is to assist people in their time of crisis. We seek not only to make a good impression, but to provide our customers with piece of mind that their fire department is capable, ready, and willing to help them when they need it. This may be in the form of a safety fair, a fire station tour, or a tragic incident involving personal injury or fire. Ideally, few will need our services. For those that do, we will always do our best to improve their situation. Chief Lieb may be contacted at:

[email protected]
O 801-799-4101